The best 20 bucks you will ever spend!


Maybe not the absolute best, but what do you get for a 20 dollar yearly membership? Our 8 stocking dates for one. In fact you can help stock or help raise the fish. Hang around with other fisherman. We have fly fishermen, worm dunkers, power bait purests, experienced and nonexperienced fisherpeople. We are not a bunch of snobs. Be part of keeping the Yellow Breeches full of trout. Nearly 36,000 per year.


 Latest club information

Latest announcement

1. The YBAC show was a success.

2. YBAC raffle drawing winners

3. YBAC is having a gun raffle this year! Stop in at the nursery for tickets.

4. Starting in may we will only have one meeting a month, on the first Tuesday of the month.


5. It is time to update your membership for next year. 

6. Allenberry is currently open to fishing until July 5, 2022. See the links below for details.

7. The Postal service has been extremely slow recently and has resulted in long delays in receiving memberships. Please be patient and refer any concerns to the e-mail below.

8. Please respect land owners who have opened their property to fishing.

9.  For those who donate to YBAC, please distinguish what type of donation you wish to make, feed the fish or The Sustaining Members Club.

10. For any membership issues or questions, e-mail Doug Alichwer at

Old news

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36,000 trout
Each year we raise about 36,000 fingerling trout and stock PUBLIC waters on the Yellow Breeches Creek near Boiling Springs, PA.


Recently retired? Just moved into the area? Need a new circle of friends? Download a membership form, come to a meeting at the nursery (first Tuesday of the month at 7:00) or find us at the next sportmans show.